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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Architecture of the Universe

“Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses - especially learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo da Vinci
Everything in the Universe follows a blueprint or pattern. Aspects of our natural world, which may seem obscure and different from one another, are often shown to share common and basic patterns, e.g. clouds, flowers, crystals and even human DNA. But it is not just in our visible world that these patterns apply. There are many congruities between the patterns of nature, art, music and healing. Generally speaking, what we perceive to be beautiful and pleasing to the senses is so because of this patterning, e.g. the ratio of features on the human face and body, the leaves on a plant, and the rhythms and timings of a piece of classical music. This is the architecture of the Universe. Often something that we perceive to be random and yet beautiful is following an extremely complex set of fundamental rules that, from the smallest molecule to the largest planet, shape the reality we live in.

From the rhythms of our bodily systems to the movement of the celestial bodies there is a pattern that is instinctual and naturally balanced. 
It is commonly said that when we are in balance with the forces of the Universe that we are in a state of flow or abundance, and it is then that we come to the realisation that we are part of the whole, and that it is very much a part of us. Hermitic monks spending weeks in deep contemplation and meditation have often been able to explain what science is now only starting to, as they truly allow themselves to merge with and thereby know the unspoken silent forces of this Divine matrix.

The human brain is very advanced and often we follow our brain ahead of our instinct. Although we are very good at intellectualising how our Universe works, we don’t really fully understand every aspect of it, and so, by not listening to our inner voice or gut instinct we can often find ourselves struggling against this relentless force. This is when we start to experience pain and dis-ease. In order to be fulfilled, a connection with the underlying patterns of the Universe needs to be re-established and fortified within our hearts.

According to David Wilcock, in an interview conducted with Project Camelot in May/June 2007, there have been many recorded experiments done on the fruit fly (drosophila) where the DNA of the fly was mutated so that the eyes wouldn’t form. In every case, the eyes came back after five generations. He emphasised that nature can rewrite itself. In the same interview Wilcock goes on to speak about Dr. Francis Crick, one of the co-discoverers of the DNA molecule, who made an observation that the dust in the galaxy, if one were to look at it from where we are to the centre of the galaxy in a straight line, has all the spectrographic signatures and all the light waves that you would expect to see from living bacteria. Wilcock concludes at this part of the interview that life is the field and that this field is the energy that surrounds us and underlies matter. - Project Camelot interviews David Wilcock - Part 2 of 4, 
There are many different types of geometry that make up the world around us including sacred geometry, the three-dimensional platonic solids, the hyperbolic geometry of sea slugs and coral, fractal geometry, geometry in art and symbolism (phi/the golden ratio/the Fibonacci sequence), the geometry of sound and music, and the geometry of crystals.

What I love about this particular field of study is that it appeals to both the left and right side of the brain and that it can be viewed as science or art.

To say that everything in this life and reality is based on math may seem dull to some, but to me I feel it is a majestic and exciting prospect. It doesn’t make something less beautiful or fascinating if you know its origins, sometimes it can make something even more magnificent.

The Platonic Solids

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras was one of the first known to discover congruities and mathematical symmetries between art, music and nature. On further investigation he discovered three of the main shapes in matter: the tetrahedron, the hexahedron and the dodecahedron. What these three dimensional shapes have in common is that they are all made up of equilateral, equiangular polygons, which means that all the faces of these objects had the same number of bounding lines of equal length and of equal angles. It was years later that a student of Plato, named Theaetetus discovered two additional shapes: the octahedron and the icosahedron. These five shapes are collectively known as “the Platonic Solids” and it is understood that they are the basic structures of matter and form.

These perfect shapes are even visible in nature from the dodecahedrons of garnet and human DNA (see excerpt below) to hexahedrons of pyrite. When viruses are examined under a microscope their structures also mirror the shapes of the platonic solids. It is now widely believed that the very Universe we live in is shaped like a dodecahedron.
The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background – the radiation left over from the big bang – that spaces with more mundane shapes cannot - (J-P Luminet et al. 2003 Nature 425 593 ) 
The interesting thing is that the dodecahedron at all levels in all sizes can be found. When you dodecahedron consecutive stack, partly in each other, you can along the ribs spiral two lines drawn, called a double helix, which is exactly the geometric shape and proportions of the spiral staircase-shaped DNA molecule - Taken from article - DNA, Form Fields, Biometric and Resonance 
The platonic solids are also implied through sacred geometry and are especially highlighted in the concept known as ‘Metatron’s Cube’, which encompasses and unifies all five of the platonic solids. (More information on sacred geometry below.)

The Platonic Solids

Fractal Geometry

Since 1980 a science known as fractal geometry has been made known. A mathematical set known as The Mandelbrot Set gave scientists and mathematicians a function, which could explain the complexities of the formation of clouds, mountains, coastlines and other such seemingly random natural phenomena. It is a pattern, which is infinitely small and infinitely large at the same time, a pattern, which repeats itself and is self-organising, creating the same shape over and over again but to a larger or smaller scale. The pattern is so regular and repeating that scientists have been able to generate very real imagery of mountains and coastlines using only the maths of the Mandelbrot Set. Having studied the patterns the scientists were also able to discern the congruities between the Mandelbrot Set and mandalas, which are based on Sacred Geometry.
Although the concept of fractal geometry could only be explained in the 1980’s thanks to the development of computers, it appears to have been something that was in the collective unconscious for a very long time. A mathematician named Ron Eglash stumbled upon the fractal patterns in the layout of indigenous African villages and buildings relatively recently which led him to travel there to investigate further. When he pressed the people for an algorithm, which helped them to build in such a way and paint images that were of a fractal nature they merely told him that it felt right. It is as if the knowledge of fractals is innate to our very being. We now know that even our lungs are fractal. If you take a look at where your thumb meets the palm of your hand, in the wrinkles you see there a repeating pattern will become apparent. This is another example of fractal geometry. Fractal Geometry makes up the very clouds in the sky to the leaves on a plant and a corresponding mathematical function can be written to generate them.

The image below is the layout of a village in Africa and it is apparent how it resembles the Mandelbrot Set itself.

A fractal model of the Ba-ila Village in Southern Zambia, Africa
- picture taken from presentation by Ron Eglash http://www.ted.com/talks/ron_eglash_on_african_fractals.html

The way gas moves, the way cancer and the aids virus develop, the way our bones fracture and the way our hearts beat are all based on fractal geometry and can be mapped out using mathematical functions.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is known as ‘nature’s first pattern’. It is based on a pattern of interlocking circles of equal radius. The first pattern in sacred geometry is formed with two interlocking circles and creates the ‘Vesica Piscis’. This shape is very symbolic and mirrors exponentially in the sacred geometric patterns that follow. The Vesica Piscis is shaped like the human eye and some people correlate it to the all-seeing eye of Horus. The Vesica Piscis can be literally seen in many areas of our visible reality, the human eye for example, the petal of a flower and even some star nebulae e.g. the hourglass nebula.
The Vesica Piscis

The Hourglass Nebula taken by the NASA Hubble telescope
- picture taken from http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/releases/2003/154.cfm

Another well-known shape that derives from this concept of interlocking circles is “The Tripod of Life” (a.k.a. Borromean Rings). It is formed when a third circle is added to the Vesica Piscis. This is a symbol which can be seen engraved in many sacred places and can represent: mind, body and spirit; The Holy Trinity - father, son, and holy spirit or The Triple Goddess – crone, mother and maiden. It is a pattern often seen in Celtic art and it is where the Wiccan Triple Moon symbol has its origins.
The Tripod of Life

As the sacred geometry pattern expands and reiterates it forms concentric circles (other examples of concentric circles in nature include, the rings of a tree, the rings around Saturn, the orbits of the planets, and the waves that are created when a stone is dropped into a still pond). At each concentric circle in the pattern of sacred geometry a new formation occurs which holds deep spiritual meaning and also encompasses the patterns and meanings of the preceding patterns. Based on this theory, the next formation that stems from the Vesica Piscis in the pattern of sacred geometry is known as “The Germ of Life”.

The Germ of Life

“The Germ of Life” encompasses the six-pointed star, the hexagon, the Star of David, and even the peace sign.
The star of David which to the untrained eye is simply two interconnected triangles is actually a two dimensional image of a 3 dimensional principle, the Star of David is actually 2 inter-penetrated Tetrahedra, tetrahedra being the 1st in a set of the five platonic solids, this property has recently been found to occupy the centers of planets, contributing to the overall gravitational balance of the planet, it is hyper-dimensional phenomena, which has yet to be fully explained. But the 2 Tetrahedra depicted in the star of David are actually spinning in a counter rotating motion, one spinning clockwise the other spinning counter clockwise which I believe is emblematic of the centripetal relationship between the male and the female, you can see this phenomena depicted in the mysterious universal symbol of the yin and yang as well as in the swastika which is also emblematic of the centripetal rotation of solar systems. We now embark on a brief journey into sacred geometry where conventional rules don't apply; you can find hyper-dimensional geometry in nature, in flowers, shells and more - Comment left on 
“The Seed of Life” (the second concentric circle in the pattern) encompasses the Yin-Yang symbol, the Kabbalah tree of life. This tree of life is also mirrored in the grid lines layout that we use in crystal healing, incorporating the active line, initiation line, power line, and integration/manifestation line.

The Seed of Life

The Tree of Life

“The Flower of Life “(third concentric circle)

The Flower of Life

“The Fruit of Life” (fourth concentric circle) – encompasses the Tetractys (which is a triangle pattern that consists of ten points arranged in four rows). The Tetractys is a very important and worshipped symbol of the Pythagoreans. It is also said to correlate to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Tetractys pattern is also apparent in tarot card layouts.

The Tetractys - picture taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetractys

Although the ‘Fruit of Life’ pattern itself is two-dimensional it indicates and hints at the three-dimensional platonic solids. This sacred pattern along with the apparent three-dimensional representations of the platonic solids is known as Metatron’s Cube.

The Fruit of Life

Metatron’s Cube

On viewing them it becomes apparent that these patterns are the ones used in many religious and spiritual mandalas which people meditate upon to gain greater insight, awareness and understanding into life. There have also been many incidences of crop circles around the world that mirror these patterns. It is believed to be a communication of some sort. Glyphs, again mirroring these patterns, have been found around the world in between layers of ice in frozen lakes and rivers, sand dunes, and engraved in ancient architecture and people have no explanation as to how they were created. The sacred geometry pattern is infinite in size in that it can be repeated both microcosmically and macrocosmically which is reminiscent of the root principles of creation itself.

Geometry in Art

The patterns created in sacred geometry are very aesthetically pleasing and can be interpreted into many different shapes and patterns by omitting certain parts of the pattern. There are infinite possibilities. One artist who has been painting sacred geometry for many years is Charles Gilchrist and his work is amazingly intricate. His reasons for creating such masterpieces, is that he feels it brings him closer to God. For him it is transcendental. Below is an example of his work:

Sacred Geometry by Charles Gilchrist
- picture taken from http://www.charlesgilchrist.com/SGEO/Gal1201.html

In art and nature, there is a number known as ‘The Golden Ratio’ or Phi and it relates closely to the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… It starts with the number 1 and then you take the next number and add that the number preceding it which is: 1+1=2 and then 2+1=3 and so on and so forth. It is the Fibonacci Sequence which is responsible for the ‘Spira Mirabilis’ (“the marvelous spiral”) which is a logarithmic spiral curve often found in nature from spiral galaxies to deep-sea creatures, from flowers to the human fingerprint, to the most common example, which is the nautilus shell. See picture below:

Most of the interesting things we find that relate to the Fibonacci sequence are actually more closely related to a number that is derived from Fibonacci, called the golden ratio. If we take each number of the Fibonacci sequence and divide it by the previous number in the sequence (i.e. 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5), a pattern quickly emerges. As the numbers increase, the quotient approaches the golden ratio, which is approximately 1.6180339887. Approximately. The golden ratio actually predates Fibonacci and has been breaking the brains of western intellectuals for around 2400 years. Applications for the golden ratio have been found in architecture, economics, music, aesthetics, and, of course, nature - Taken from article – Fibonacci Sequence Illustrated by Nature 
In art, many architects, especially in ancient times, have based their structures on this Fibonacci sequence such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens.

And in building the phi proportions, along with those of the other musical intervals, into the designs of cathedrals and temples, the architects also are building in the effects of the musical intervals upon which the sacred proportions are based. These effects, immediately experienced as harmonious, powerful, and centering, can be experienced first-hand when one enters a Gothic cathedral or an ancient Egyptian temple. Being inside such a space helps us to access other dimensions of consciousness. It is the same experience that is reached through listening to sacred music - Taken from article – Sacred Geometry and the Structure of Music
More famously the Fibonacci sequence was incorporated into Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man.
Vitruvian Man
- picture taken from the website http://www.tendobenches.com/engelska/stretching-anatomy/

The human body is divisible in many ways by this golden ratio (a.k.a. Phi) in the way that the phalanges of the fingers are divided and compared with the hand itself and then the arm itself and so on and so forth. The Fibonacci series can even be seen in human DNA.

Geometry in Sound & Music
Through the ages, the sound of music in myriad incarnations has captivated human beings and made them sing along, and as scholars have suspected for centuries, the mysterious force that shapes the melodies that catch the ear and lead the voice is none other than maths... 
... Geometrical music theory represents a culminating moment in the longstanding marriage of music and maths. That marriage began when Pythagoras described pleasing musical intervals with simple mathematical ratios more than 2 600 years ago and further evolved during the Middle Ages when deep thinkers used those same ratios to model the “music of the spheres” – what many at that time believed to be the literally harmonious movements of the Sun, Moon and planets - Taken from article – Geometry Shapes Sound of Music
I don’t think it’s any surprise to know that there are maths in music. The repeating sounds and patterns within the rhythms are apparent. Harmonies and octaves in music are all based on a number known as “the perfect fifth” which is the space between a note and the note seven semitones above it on the musical scale. Also, I’m sure you’ll agree that music can take you to many places mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some songs are naturally soothing and relaxing, some (like heavy metal music) can help with the expression of anger and frustration, some can make you feel uplifted and others can stir memories which again can bring about a plethora of emotion in an individual.

Many cultures across the globe have their own tribal sounds and rhythms, from the tribal drumming in Africa, to traditional Irish music to the panpipes of South America, the sounds of silk and bamboo in China, Gregorian chanting, and the sounds of the didgeridoo used by the aborigines. These sounds are sacred to many and they are used in ceremonies to help connect with spirit and create greater self-awareness and insight.

Julian Treasure on TED
- The 4 ways sound affects us Open in new window

Natural sounds and music are often included in meditation tapes. These include rain, the ocean tides, a gentle wind, ambient forest noises and whale song. I lately came across some imagery that was derived through an application designed to convert sound to image using a process known as 'cymatics'. The sound in question was whale and dolphin music. The images are amazing. The resemblance to the sacred geometry patterns is uncanny.

Legend recounts how Orpheus was given a lyre by Apollo. By playing his lyre, Orpheus produced harmonies that joined all of Nature together in peace and joy.
Inspired by this Orphic tradition of music and science, Pythagoras of Samos conducted perhaps the world's first physics experiment. By plucking strings of different lengths, Pythagoras discovered that sound vibrations naturally occurred in a sequence of whole tones or notes that repeat in a pattern of seven.
Like the seven naturally occurring colors of the rainbow, the octave of seven tones — indeed, all of Creation — is a singing matrix of frequencies that can be experienced as color, sound, matter, and states of consciousness - Taken from article – Sacred Geometry and the Structure of Music 

The Geometry of Crystals & Healing

But how does all this information pertain to healing?
I believe that crystal healing can play a very important role in reconnecting us with, not only our own original blueprints, but also those of our surrounding world.

The inner geometry of crystals is structured and uniform. It is because of this beautiful symmetry that crystals are so well able to reflect, hold and refract light and indeed energy. There are seven main geometric shapes or systems that crystal structures adhere to. These are namely, cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic, trigonal, and hexagonal. These shapes determine the type of energy that the crystal omits and can hold and so working with crystals from the same system can help to make a treatment more cohesive. Through resonance and field-coupling crystals can bring about a vibration of balance in our bodies.

Water itself is not considered to be a mineral (crystal) until it is frozen as ice. This is because unlike water, ice has a regular repeating inner lattice, which qualifies it as a mineral or crystal. Having this inner regular lattice causes ice to form beautiful crystals resembling snowflakes. Dr. Masaru Emoto has done studies into the healing powers of prayers and intention utilizing this crystallization process. People sit with some water and instill the qualities of a certain emotion through the power of prayer and intention and then the water is frozen and studied through a microscope. The results were phenomenal. Where the intention was pure and thoughts were strong and focused, the results yielded a beautifully symmetrical crystal, however in the presence of blasphemy or an intention of war etc. the crystals that grew were distorted and blurry.

The above text is merely an overview of the different types of geometry that make up the Universe we live in. Learning how to become attuned to this language we can learn to become balanced and connected.


Here is an amazing animation I came across on You Tube that illustrates the beauty in the maths of nature.

An interesting talk by Benoit Mandelbrot, the pioneer of fractal geometry, about fractals and the art of roughness.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Identify Certain Crystals (Real or Fake?)

There are so many different types and variations of crystal and mineral on the market, how do you know if they are real or fake or how can you differentiate between crystals that look similar?

Experience and knowledge goes a long way but here are some pointers:

Agate, is it dyed? Agate naturally comes in many colours so it can be difficult to know if it is dyed or not. Dying the crystal takes away its natural beauty and also can affect the energy of the crystal. It does not enhance it! If you submerse the agate in water you should come to know pretty quickly if it is dyed as the colour will run. Another way of knowing if it is dyed is that, the majority of agate geodes come with a piece of rock attached, is the rock part dyed? Also the majority of agate has an aspect of white or clear quartz running through it, it is usually multi-coloured. Is it one uniform colour? If so it's most likely dyed.

Amber is very popular and so in order for people to cash in on this, a lot of amber is man-made. If you rub genuine amber vigorously off your clothing, the static build-up on the amber should be strong enough to pick up a tissue.

A considerable amount of turquoise sold is actually dyed howlite. Turquoise in its natural form is quite powdery so it is sometimes reconstituted and a resin is added to bind it. If the turquoise is sitting on a rock, you will know its real. Otherwise, check for large areas of brown and cracks in the turquoise as this is can be an indicator that it is genuine. It is very difficult to know for sure with this stone by just looking at it unfortunately. This ehow article has some good tips on identifying turquoise. Turquoise is relatively rare and can be quiet expensive. If it's cheap, it's most likely not the real deal.

Clear quartz and glass
I have seen in some shops, glass being sold on a pendant as clear quartz. Glass is generally lighter and clearer than clear quartz. Clear quartz can be very pure but more often than not, it includes cracks and inclusions. If a clear quartz piece is completely clear, it will be expensive. Quartz has a hardness of 7 and glass only has a hardness of 5.5 so glass will also become scratched more easily.

Sunstone and Goldstone
Goldstone is a man-made crystal and is known as 'goldstone' but some shops have tried to sell it as 'sunstone'. There seems to be some confusion. Goldstone can also be seen commonly in a blue format and is essentially a 'glittery' glass, whereas Sunstone is a beautiful, natural and iridescent crystal.

Goldstone (image from wikipedia)

And so what about the crystals and minerals that are real but just look very alike? ...

Clear quartz and apophyllite clusters and points.
These two can look very alike but this one is easy. Quartz terminates into a point with six faces, apophyllite terminates into a point with only four faces.

Citrine and Golden Topaz
This one is very difficult as golden topaz being far more expensive usually comes in small packages and so compared with a small piece of citrine can be almost indistinguishable to the human eye. It's subtle but topaz is colder to the touch than citrine, so that can help if you just happen to have a piece of both to hand. Topaz is more expensive.

Citrine is heated amethyst. The citrine that forms naturally is amethyst that has been naturally heated in the earth. However, there is a massive amount of heat-treated citrine on the market. This citrine is very damaged and usually does not make for a good healing stone. The greater the contrast in the colour the citrine, the more likely it has been heat-treated.You can usually identify this type of damaged citrine as a very strongly coloured (almost brown) citrine sitting on a very white piece of quartz. Natural citrine is very dark (looks a bit like smokey quartz) and it is quite rare and more expensive.

Natural Citrine

Dyed or not dyed?
Bear in mind that some crystals are idiochromatic which means their colour runs throughout the entire crystal. If you were to grind these crystals down into a fine powder you would see a powder the same colour as the crystal.
Whereas some other crystals are allochromatic meaning that their colour is caused by refraction of light or inclusions. Amethyst is an example of such an allochromatic crystal. If you were to ground amethyst down you would find it creates a white powder and not a purple powder as you might expect.

The reason I mention this is because malachite, lapis lazuli and turquoise are all idiochromatic and for this reason they were used in the past for paint. You may find that if your fingers are wet, that some of the colour from these stones rubs off on you. This does not mean that they are dyed. This is another reason why turquoise is very difficult to identify.

Amorphous substances
The very definition of a mineral/crystal is that is has an inner, structured and repeating lattice. Oil and Gas are not technically 'minerals' they are 'hydrocarbons'. Water is not a mineral and yet ice is classed as a mineral because when water freezes it forms a crystalline structure.
There are a number of 'amorphous substances' (meaning non-crystalline) that are still used in 'crystal' healing. These include: amber (it is actually tree-resin, not a crystal), obsidian (which is volcanic glass), coral, mother of pearl, shells, petrified wood, jet and opal (opal is made up of spheres of quartz in water, which is why it would crack if placed in a dry, hot environment).

The only way to know for absolute sure what a crystal or mineral is, is to study it using special gem identification tools such as a refractometer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mandala for Mother Earth

I chose to create a crystal mandala on which to meditate and help me to connect with sacred geometry. I dedicated the mandala to Mother Earth. The theme of the mandala was the four elements and tying those in with the platonic solids. I based the layout of the mandala on the Native American medicine wheel.

At the centre of the mandala I placed a clear quartz dodecahedron, which represents the self.

To the east (which in the medicine wheel is fire and spirit) I placed the corresponding tetrahedron and I also placed rutilated quartz, citrine and golden topaz.

To the south (which in the medicine wheel is emotion and water) I placed the icosahedron and blue lace agate, aquamarine and moonstone.

To the west (which in the medicine wheel is physical and earth) I placed the hexahedron/cube and carnelian, garnet and hematite.

To the north (which in the medicine wheel is mind and air) I placed the corresponding octahedron and the crystals, fluorite, selenite and amethyst.

I then created a circle around the mandala with crystals that I felt corresponded to the four elements in each of the four quadrants. In the fire/spirit quadrant I placed amber, in the water/emotion quadrant I placed rose quartz, in the earth/physical quadrant I placed carnelian and in the air/mental quadrant I placed snow quartz.

I then channeled energy through the mandala to Mother Earth asking that all four elements be balanced across the globe for the highest good of all involved.

What is Energy & Crystal Healing?

Spiritual Healing and Crystal Healing are much like other therapies and types of healing in that the aim is to create balance or homeostasis in the body. The approach is holistic, meaning that it incorporates the whole being; mind, body and spirit. Spiritual and crystal healing are both complementary therapies meaning that they are complementary, not alternative to orthodox medicine.

If I were to compare life to a badminton match, the importance of being balanced energetically is comparable to making sure you return to mid court after each play. By doing so you put yourself in the best position to receive and return the next shot. In the same way, by recognising and healing each time your energy field becomes unbalanced you are better prepared to deal with the next thing that life throws at you.

Before discussing how spiritual and crystal healing work I feel it is necessary to explain why we need healing in the first place and how dis-ease or illness occur in the body.

Everywhere there is energy, we are surrounded constantly by vibrating atoms in air, liquids and solids. We too are made up of billions of tiny vibrating atoms, each with their very own electromagnetic field. It is impossible to escape this intricate web or grid of energy because we are part of it, we just sometimes don’t notice it. Does a fish notice the water? Changes in the energy in our environment affects our energy, even if it is so miniscule that we don’t recognise it. Conversations and interactions we have with other people involve an exchange of energy. We give energy and we take energy and it is infinitely recycled in this way.
“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, merely transformed."
Some people take more than others. Some people give more than others but there is always an exchange because energy never stands still. Even at absolute zero temperatures, atoms continue to vibrate.

Human energy fields have an anatomy all of their own. The process of giving and taking energy requires us to have this. Emotions and thoughts are a form of energy and are unique to each individual. These emotions and thoughts are part of our energy field. Some people find spending time with certain individuals ‘draining’, some people like the ‘atmosphere’ at concerts, some people get a ‘lump’ in their throat when they are upset, some people feel the pain of a ‘broken heart’. All of these expressions have been around for many years and people say them as part of daily conversation but not all people realise that what they are talking about is the human energy field and how energy is exchanged.

“Your biography becomes your biology” – C. Norman Shealy, M.D., P.H.D.

The types of things that can cause your energy field to become unbalanced or even blocked are many, and quite a number of books have been written on the subject. It is almost impossible to give a general or brief description of the circumstances in which these energy imbalances occur as each person is individual and what might affect one person may not affect another based on their life experiences. The depth at which any given experience can affect you is also dependent on your age at the time of the experience and your ability to understand and cope with the experience. Sometimes the smallest thing, such as a child seeing a spider and being afraid of it because they don’t know what it is, can metamorphosise into a life-long arachnaphobic affliction. Had the fear been dealt with accordingly at the time of the incident the phobia may not occur. Therapists who work in the area of phobias and other such afflictions generally resolve the issue by getting the patient to back track and find the root of their fear. Other examples of things which can affect your energy field in a negative way are; stress, a harsh working environment, criticism from other people, arguments, geopathic stress, drugs and alcohol, abuse. Depending on the severity of the incident, the energy field becomes depleted or traumatised. If not healed accordingly, this can percipitate down through the layers of the aura to eventually affect the physical body in the form of illness. The more an undesirable experience occurs or is compounded by other experiences the more long-term effect it has on the energy field and the severity of the illness is usually relative.

There are many different systems that are referred to when describing the workings of the energy field, some are relatively new and some are from ancient times. All of these energy systems are interconnected and one does not discount another. Examples of such energy systems would be the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ten longituidinal zones in reflexology, the chakra system in the ayurvedic tradition, the different levels/layers of the aura.

Part of spiritual and crystal healing is assessing one or more of these systems and working out whether or not there are any blocks, underactive or overactive areas of energy and if so, how to treat them so that the entire energy field can be restored to a state of balance.
Once the energy has been assessed, the healer then works out, either intuitively or intellectually (ideally both) how to treat the individual.

In the case of spiritual healing, the healer works with their hands in the energy field around the body. The healer themselves must become a clear and pure channel so that they may clearly interpret the clients needs and fulfill them accordingly. The healer tunes in, not only to the client but to the universal energy field, which is all the energy that surrounds us, and channels energy through themselves to the client. Based on where the healer finds the imbalances to be, they will place their hands accordingly and channel energy to that area until the energy becomes more balanced. This is sometimes coupled with a release in the client, where they may become emotional. The healer assesses the energy based on how it feels, how fast it is moving, the temperature, the consistency, the direction and manipulates it with their hands at all times paying close attention to any Divine or intuitive guidance they are receiving. It is a positive energy exchange where the healer becomes a ‘fountain’ of pure energy and pours it into the client. The healer does not use their own energy but rather channels it from a greater source. As the healing takes place, the energy vibration can become quite high and it is essential that the healer ‘grounds’ the client afterwards.

Crystal healing is much the same except that the healer uses crystals as tools to manipulate the energy around and through the client. Due to their perfect geometry, crystals have an innate ability to both capture, and focus energy. When used correctly, the healer can channel energy through the crystals for very specific intent. Depending on the energy system the healer is using, the crystals can be placed or moved around the body to move and manipulate the energy field. Each crystal has its own unique vibration which is the combination of the crystals inner geometry, form, chemical composition and vibration. The vibration and frequency of the crystals resonate with our own energy and crystals can act as catalyst when it comes to moving or unblocking energy. It is highly important that the crystal healer knows the properties and energy pattern of each of the crystals they are using because, used incorrectly a crystal may aggrevate or even amplify an existing problem.

Sadly, healing is an area that is not always given the credit it deserves. There are many sceptics out there who do their utmost to disprove any theory healers put forward. What I have discussed so far in this essay requires somewhat of a leap of faith. It is true that there are many charlatans out there in the healing profession but those people exist in almost all professions. The reason that healing is looked upon with such great cynicism, I believe is because a lot of people don’t necessarily want to accept responsibility for their own healing. People sometimes like to externalize their issues and blame illness or sadness on other people. Although, it is true that negative interactions with other people cause our energy field to become out of balance it is ones reaction to any given situation, which truly causes the affliction. I believe society is slowly beginning to realise this and positive messages in the media, healthy eating and living can help our species to evolve to a more enlightened state.

Until this mass enlightenment occurs however, we need to find other ways to inspire people to take responsibility for their own healing. One method is to turn to science. Surely, if we could prove the effect of healing scientifically then people would not be able to argue and would eventually concede. I have had this conversation with many people and have been told many times that I should not care so much about what other people think, that, it doesn’t matter if all people believe in healing so long as I can help a few people. I disagree. I think it is very important that healing be brought into the mainstream and if science is the way for people to accept it then that is how we should proceed.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” - Albert Einstein

There are now, thankfully, many devices which can measure the electromagnetic field which surrounds our body. The electroencephalograph (EEG), the electrocardiograph (ECG), and the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID). Although they may not be shown in the six o’ clock news, many experiments have also been conducted to show how disruptions or dysfunctions in the energy field can leave us susceptible to disease.

“Dr. Harold Burr at Yale found that by measuring the energy field of a seed, he could tell how strong the plant would be. He found that a weakness in the life field of a living creature would predate disease. … Dr. Robert Becker, an orthopaedic surgeon in New York, showed that the pattern shapes and strengths of the body’s complex electrical field change with physiological and psychological changes. … [Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA] experimental results show direct correlations between the frequency and wave patterns of alternating electrical currents measured on the body surface and specific colours perceived by an “aura” reader. … Dr. Andria Puharich was able to consistently measure an 8hz magnetic pulse coming from the hands of healers. … Dr. Robert Beck, a nuclear physicist, found that all healers exhibit the same brain-wave pattern of 7.8 – 8hz during the times they are giving healings, no matter what their customs or how opposed to each other their customs were.” - Excerpts from Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan

This frequency of 7.8 – 8hz is the rate of fluctuation of the earth’s magnetic field, also known as ‘Schumann resonance’. This would infer that the healers were able to tap into the energy of the earth’s magnetic field to use it for healing using a process called field coupling. Dr. John Zimmerman later found that once the healers had linked up to this energy the left and right hemispheres of their brains become balanced at this frequency. He then also showed that the patient’s brain waves also become “phase-synchronised” with this frequency. This would infer that the healer has acted as a channel to connect the patient with the energy of the earth, which would be a “tremendous energy source for healing”.

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” - Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus (Swiss physician, chemist, alchemist, one of the fathers of modern medicine.)

We sometimes forget that our bodies are perfectly capable of healing themselves. When we cut ourselves, it is not the bandage that heals us, it is our blood’s innate ability to clot and heal.
Homeopaths rely on these self-healing mechanisms in order to get their patients to heal themselves. They believe in ‘like cures like’ and prescribe substances, which trigger the body’s natural healing response. That is why homeopathy is alternative to orthodox medicine, a.k.a, allopathy. Orthodox medicine treats disease with remedies that produce effects opposite to the symptoms. This is why so often people experience side effects from orthodox medicines.
Another type of ‘medicine’ used to treat illness is the placebo. Many people believe that types of healing are placebos and depending on whether or not the person believes the healing is working affects its potency. They say it’s mind over matter. But what is mind and what is matter. The majority of the cells in your entire body are completely replaced in the space of 15.5 years.
An example of just how powerful the placebo effect can be is the following story:

In World War II morphine was in great demand in military field hospitals. Sometimes demand would outstrip supply and operations had to be performed without.

“Henry Beecher, an American anaesthetist, was preparing to treat a soldier with terrible injuries. He was worried; without morphine, not only would the operation be extremely painful – it might even induce a fatal cardiovascular shock. But then something very strange happened, something that was profoundly to alter Beecher’s view of medicine for the rest of his life. In desperation, one of the nursing staff injected the patient with a harmless solution of saline. To Beecher’s surprise, the patient settles down immediately, just as if he had been given morphine. Not only did the soldier seem to feel very little pain during the subsequent operation, but the full-blown shock did not develop either. Salt water, it seemed, could be just as effective as one of the most powerful painkillers in the medical arsenal. In the following months, when supplies of morphine again ran low, Beecher repeated the trick. It worked. Beecher returned to America after the war convinced of the power of placebos, and gathered around him at Harvard a group of colleagues to study the phenomenon.” – excerpt from Placebo by Dylan Evans

It has been known for many years that endorphins, hormones which occur naturally in the human body are also known as ‘endogenous morphine’ and have a painkiller effect. In addition to this, just last year, another chemical has been found in the human body, opiorphin, which has been proven to be six times stronger than morphine. It is mostly found in saliva, which may be why we are inclined to “lick our wounds”.

It would seem as though nature is taking care of us and deep down each of us has an innate ability to heal.